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Ozupad Air - The best companion for Android TV box or Internet TV

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Ozupad Air – 

The air mouse that is the best companion for your Android™ TV box or Internet TV

Enjoy browsing on your TV screen with a cursor control that is intuitive and easy to use. No cursor aiming, gesture waving….. Just simply touch with your thumb and lean-back in your couch.

Moving cursor any location on the TV screen with just a tip with your thumb on the Ozupad Air, scrolling up and down with almost no effort but smoothly.

The Ultimate Air Mouse that comfortably fit into your need with your Android TV box or Internet TV. Operated intuitively, cursor moving smoothly and scrolling stealthily.

Ozupad-Air, also a wireless handheld mouse used for presentation, desktop and laptop computer. With its sensational vector pad provides superior user experience than that computer laptop touch pads and mice do; the most efficient, fast and boundary-less cursor-control experience for users.



When using Ozupad Air for another applications:

You don’t need to point the mouse toward the computer or presentation screen even when pointing and highlighting any location in the presentation screen.

Vector Pad, the thumb-operated 360 degree directional cursor control with buttons for Previous Slide and Next Slide allow this device to work as a perfect presentation remote, as well as a full-functioned mouse.

RF wireless provides the freedom to walk around the room during your presentation without being bound to the computer and allows it to work at any location and any direction within its 30 feet range.

No built-in laser pointer but with the safety “highlight” feature that helps you to direct the audience's attention to where you want it, without possibly damage their eyes, especially students’ in the classroom.

Designed in Japan and Made in Taiwan, Ozupad-Air™ is the wireless air mouse that perfectly work with your Android™ TV Box or Internet connected TV devices (that equipped with USB port for mouse). 


Ozupad drives the cursor in your TV screen by the movement of your thumb to any directions with speed under your control.

Sense of touch

A combination of three main technical elements, a sensor to detect a Haptic input by thumb, an integrated circuit that convert the data from the sensor output to digital data and a software driver to optimize the data.


To use Ozupad Air for your Android" TV box or Internet TV, please click to download


"Simple tips to use Ozupad-Air™ for your Android™ TV box or Internet connected TV devices."

Ozupad is compatible with Windows™ 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and MacOS™ 10.2 or later version.

For more information about Ozupad-Air, please also check the Ozupad-Air operation guide

Additional to the regular functions, using with the downloadable free software template OzupadKey, you’ll be able to program the Ozupad 3Way or Ozupad-Air to emulate keys in your computer keyboard to your preferred applications. For more detail and download the software, please check "Users’ Guide – Ozupadkey and Applications".


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